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LED Packaging classification

LED Package wire is the wire electrical connection to connect these led chips to the external pins. Once these wires have problem, the LED will down. So how many types of wires are used for led package?

4 types of wires are used for package: gold wires, sliver wires, cooper wires and alloy wires.

Gold wires

It is Top quality among wires in the high-end package field. It features stable performance, high price. Gold is generally used to ensure stable connection for oxidation resistance.

Alloy wires

The alloy wires are the replacement of gold wires in the led industry. In recent years, gold prices is constantly rising, Led package wire using is also increasing. At the same time, Led product prices are reduced. Therefore, cheaper alternative–alloy wires are coming out. The main component of the wire is a single crystal of silver; the content is generally 90% -99%. It consists lot of silver on the basis of gold and other components for a variety of elements.


1. The price is cheaper, lower than the gold price, higher than the copper price,

3. Weld ability is better while welding;

3. Install immature in the old-fashioned wire device applications to

4. easy to oxidation.

Silver wires

It is better storage than copper wires, (copper wire need to be sealed, and the short life for storage; silver wire without sealing, storage of up to 6 to 12 months)


1. It is relatively soft; machine parameter adjustment is not large;

2. Lower than the current price of gold wire, higher than copper wires.

3. No need gas protection;

4. Silver wire gold wire tension are not so strong, but the light decay is better than gold silver, because silver is not extinction.

Cooper Wires


1. Low prices, the cost are only 1/3 - 1/10 of gold wires, has great potential to reduce costs.

2. Relatively high stiffness copper gold wire makes it more suitable for fine wire bonding.

3. Copper is easily oxidized, unstable bonding process,

4. Copper’s hardness, yield strength and other physical parameters are higher than gold and aluminum.


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