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2016 HongKong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition

    VIKLED participated in the 2016 HongKong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition, From 27th to 30th October 2016. It was the third time for our company showed on this great event. In the exhibition, We promoted the products “Dim to Warm” and Bluetooth technology with reflector AR111.
    VIKLED launches a news series DTW AR111 combining with Bluetooth technology which can connect to the mobile app for lighting conrtol.
    The “Dim to Warm”combined with Bluetooth technology create a dimming effect almost similar to traditional halogen lamps, Which are soft lightings option to create a mood ambience. In the fair, many buyers were attracted by this.
    In the 4 days display time, we continued previous successes. Form the fair, great feedback received from our clients,which showed their interest to our products. They praised for the unique design and the sales service high-quality provided.


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